About the Nonfiction Book Coach

I’ve spent my career learning about effective writing and editing techniques for nonfiction books, business materials, and magazine articles. I love the written word and I can help you transform your manuscript into a professionally edited final product that your readers will love. I also teach online courses on a variety of writing and editing topics to help you publish your book and master different types of writing.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love books. I have over 30 years of writing, editing, design, and layout experience. I’ve worked with countless clients to help them move from a manuscript to a print book, ebook, and audiobook. I’m deeply committed to helping you create the best books possible and I always go above and beyond for you. One client sent this note after I helped her publish her memoir:

Working with you to write “Memories Before I Forget” was one of the highlights of my life! Many sincere thanks.

If you’re writing a memoir or family history book for your family, writing a book to boost your business, writing a nonfiction or fiction book to sell as an indie author, crafting a nonfiction book, or something in between, I have you covered! Here are a just a few of the titles I’ve worked with clients to edit and publish. I’ve also helped many nonfiction authors with developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading to create an outstanding final book.

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More information about my writing and editing background

I studied history in college. Back then, I loved research and learning about past cultures. I still love digging through old manuscripts and books to learn about the past. After college, I got a job as a technical writer, then soon branched out into marketing and magazine writing. Over the years, I learned how to write about all sorts of complex topics, including engineering, architecture, software development, telecommunications, biology, genetics, and erosion control. I wrote all sorts of materials for businesses, including press releases, white papers, speech scripts, social media posts, and trade show booth materials. I also worked for several nonprofits, helping them write annual reports, strategic plans, blog posts, and recruiting materials. If you’re interested in browsing some of my writing samples, check out my portfolio.

Next, I branched out into book publishing. I work with clients to write and structure family history books, memoirs, and how-to nonfiction. I help clients come up with the best overall structure, then performed developmental editing on the first draft to help with revisions. I then guide clients through completing a final draft, editing, proofreading, layout for print and ebooks, and helping guide them through the publishing and distribution process.

In 2014, I self published my first book for a niche audience about the history of one of my favorite caves. I wanted a print book with lots of photos, and printing books is expensive. I set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and raised $5,000 in less than a month to fund the book. I hired an editor and cover designer, but did all the layout myself in InDesign. The book got rave reviews from the community of cave explorers and also won a Benjamin Franklin Award for interior design excellence.

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

I’m a member of several wonderful professional organizations for writers and editors. I keep up with industry events and trends, attend training courses to continue learning new skills, and collaborate with colleagues. I’m a member of the following professional associations:

When I’m Not Writing and Editing

When I’m not working on book projects, I adore reading (obviously!). I usually read a couple books at a time–one fiction and one nonfiction. My favorite nonfiction topics include history, science, and nature. My favorite fiction genres are science fiction and fantasy, and occasionally mysteries. I also love the outdoors. I explore caves in the Southeastern US, love to hike in the mountains and the desert, enjoy outdoor photography, and spend time working in my garden.


Jennifer Pinkley
Nonfiction book coach: Providing info+online classes to help you write, design, edit, and publish your nonfiction book+memoir+family history.